12 Cute Letters From Kids to Veterans

These are more than cute, these are special.

christmas letterI don’t know how our troops feel about letters like these, but when I was in the Army I saw only a handful of letters like these. They came in one envelope and it was the only time during my three years that I saw any letters from children back in the States. I was in Germany so maybe the guys in Viet Nam saw more of them, but probably not very many. The value put on being in the military back then wasn’t anywhere near as great as it is now.

The letters were passed around and most of the guys laughed at them, at the naiveté of the third graders, at their poor spelling and grammar. I thought that was a shame because some of the guys who were laughing were probably embarrassed because they couldn’t spell much better, perhaps not even as well. Of course we were all pretty young and naive ourselves and unable to really understand the curiosity and concern those children were expressing.

The letters didn’t impress us, didn’t touch our hearts. We saw them as just one of those class projects designed by well meaning teachers to kill for students who had no real understanding of what they were doing. We were asked to pick out a letter and respond so I quickly found one I liked (“Do you like football?”) and wrote a nice letter inviting another letter, but I never saw one. I sometimes wonder if the child ever saw it.

I hope the guys who see these letters are touched by them and ignore the spelling and take into account that these are children writing, children who probably do care about them.

12 Cute Letters From Kids to Soldiers.