Quotation: Trenton Lee Stewart


Quotation: Trenton Lee StewartWe writers of literature for children like to think of children as good, kind and sweet. For the most part they are, or can be. That’s the way we tend to portray them. However, they often usually lack inhibitions. So they are known to do what they want to do, say what they want to say.

A number of years ago a woman who lived above me sent one of her children down to borrow my curry powder. I was boiling some cabbage at the time.

Before the boy asked about the spice he said, “Wow, it really stinks in here.” I think I’d like to write a story about him

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Childhood Agression and Second-hand Smoke

Quite a few women I know quit smoking while they were pregnant, only to begin cigarettethe habit again after the child was born. Their thinking was that the nicotine in their system could harm their unborn child. Once the child was born they believed the threat to the child’s health no longer existed.

A recent study by Linda Pagani of the University of Montreal, reported in the India Times, found that children raised within an atmosphere where they are subjected to second-hand smoke are more likely to be aggressive children when they are older. While the study is bases strictly on statistics the correlation to the effects of second-hand smoke on the young is thought-provoking.

Exposure to “smoke at early childhood is particularly dangerous, as the child’s brain is still developing,” she said.

Second-hand smoke makes kids aggressive.

Pollution Can Lead to ADHD

Three recent studies lead to some interesting conclusions: if you live near a busy traffichighway there is a good chance your children will be diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and eventually become obese or if you mistreat your child your child has more than a 30% chance of becoming obese.

The first study conducted by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center suggested “by the age of seven, children exposed to the substances (high levels of traffic pollution) are more likley to test positive for ADHD.”

According to previous studies, about 11% of the U.S. populations lives within 100 yards of a four lane highway and 40% of children go to a school that’s within 400 yards of a major highway.

Study #2, “conducted by researchers at the Child Study Center at NYU Langone Medical Center found that men diagnosed as children with ADHD were twice as likely to be obese in a 33-year follow-up study compared to men who were not diagnosed with the condition.”

Inability to control impulses and poor planning skills are characteristics associated with ADHD that can lead to an unhealthy diet and the tendency to overeat.

The final study by King’s College in London found that “Children who have suffered maltreatment are 36% more likely to be obese in adulthood compared to non-maltreated children.”

Children who live near a busy road are more likely to develop ADHD.

ADHD In Childhood May Lead To Obesity In Adulthood.

Childhood maltreatment linked to increased risk of obesity in adult life.